The Process of Death!

I as a nursing student find that process of life and death can occur at anytime a baby is born everyday and somebody dies everyday. Death is what people fear, but not only death other reasons due to them dying such as, dying alone or being a nuisance to their families. Who would want to be a burden to there families at this time where you are not capable of anything and face the incontinence and there family member having to deal with that.  Nursing is trained to try not to embarrass the patient and keep there privacy.

While death is right around the corner it is important to create a living will, which is a document that states what you would like as a person if you ever become so ill you can not say if you want to be kept a live or get the plug pulled. As a nursing student in the health field care will still be provided and will comfortably and try to make death be as soothing as possible. Especially if there is  no cure if you have co-morbidity which comes with age. The care does not stop there, the care will become palliative instead of curative care. To break this into more detail  this type of care allows comfort and relieves pain not to cure but to alleviate a harsher reality.

In the dying process the body is like a  cuckoo clock when it reaches twelve o’ clock and ring. You just know at the third month while doing research in the book known as Fundamentals of Nursing Care concepts, connections, and skills by Marti A. Burton the first one to three months during death realization, withdrawal, life review and spiritual exploration play a key. One to two weeks sleep becomes more valued, the vitals will become unstable, anorexia and less communication with family. As coming towards the last hours the patient or whomever will experience what is known as a death rattle. Dehydration will also soothe the body and decrease edema in the body as the steps of dying takes place. With dehydration comes less urinary output. Blood pressure is steadily decreasing as well. Once this occurs not long till passing away becomes the next step.





The Effectiveness of the Brain and how to increase it!

Why is the brain important? It allows us to grow as individuals and proceed to advance as a whole society. With out artificial intelligence we as humans would not have all the scientific technology we have now. As a psychology minor I have been researching the brain and noticed that even if we are all human we all act differently based on the environment we live in and the different dialects of English just in the United States. It is very intriguing to see all the differences even if we all have a human brain. Through the experiences we go  through is how we act as a person.

Just as every muscle in the body the brain behaves as one even if it is an organ. If you want to increase the effectiveness you just have to use your brain. Just like one of my Frat Brothers said it takes 7 days to create a habit. Which I took in to consideration and applied it to my life.



The World We Know

Why is the world a dangerous place? People may say that the world was already a dangerous place, but is the world actually trying to wipe us out as it did the dinosaurs. I ponder about the mysteries these questions hold and believe that with the advancement of technology it is more relevant to accurately gather the statistics then it was years ago like when the vikings pillage villages. How would one even know if the crime rate was lower back then. Someone dies everyday and to say that violence truly went up without having the technology to actually know how the crime rate was  back then is absurd. Without having the proper equipment I believe there is no way to tell if there was an actual difference in crime rate.

I do believe the world has always been a dangerous place anything can possibly happen. That does not mean to hide in a shell life is to short to be stuck in a box. Might as well live life to the fullest and try to accomplish anything that your heart desires. Always remember to life is to short to be depressed and may the odds ever be in your favor.

Survival of the Fittest

The world has a come a long way in development. As throughout history there were plenty of wars and empires as victim to eradicated from the planet. I contemplate on all of this and see that survival of the fittest really does occur. People just believe that survival of the fittest is just a jock thing, but to make this clear it is not just brute strength. Great intellect plays a role in the survival of most. In history the Europeans succeeded to conquer not with the force of brute strength, but with the intelligence of creating a weapon. Those who did not have that technology conquered and Africans were enslaved. With that being say I would like to refer to Peter Parkers uncles saying with great power comes great responsibility.”  There are many ways to see survival of the fittest not only strength, but intellect as well. As you can see in today’s society the big role is to get your education in order to get a good job. Some people just work at food trying to pay their bills to see how currency now plays a big role in survival of the fittest. So one must train the mind, body and Spirit in order to exceed life’s expectations.

Knowledge is Power!

Why do people say that they want to make money when they do not want to learn. Today’s society, a lot of people do not consider how much knowledge plays a role in making money. Evidence of the knowledge plays a big role on how to make money there is a book I read personally called “Poor Dad Rich Dad.” They explain the differences on how individuals in different classes and how rich and poor folks make decisions . How rich people pay their bills last and poor and middle class pay their bills first. As I ponder about why people think they can make money without finishing school and developing their brains to process and how to obtain their so-called desire is beyond me. Also do not get me, wrong rich people pay their bills last not just spend it on unnecessary items but spend money on ways they can build their assets. While I take this into consideration how can I make money then create an asset? I also ponder why this does not give my generation more motivation to stay in school and get an education.

Social Influence!

Today’s society expresses on what you think and what you do. Peoples morals are based on society.  If people think it is wrong to fight it becomes the nations morals. Pondering on how this effects us. Things may turn into the purge if most of society believes it is okay to pillage and kill.

The Hunger games is another example of this. The murder until one becomes victorious and be the celebrity of the district. In history, Hitler and his army believed in the perfect race and decide to commit a mass genocide. Hitlers ideals spread throughout his country and the majority found it acceptable.

History repeats itself so people must be aware and be indifferent and realize everything in society should not be taken lightly. A society is different in each country and so are morals and customs. There are also societies in school, and hanging around a crowd good or bad effects you psychologically.