The Effectiveness of the Brain and how to increase it!

Why is the brain important? It allows us to grow as individuals and proceed to advance as a whole society. With out artificial intelligence we as humans would not have all the scientific technology we have now. As a psychology minor I have been researching the brain and noticed that even if we are all human we all act differently based on the environment we live in and the different dialects of English just in the United States. It is very intriguing to see all the differences even if we all have a human brain. Through the experiences we go  through is how we act as a person.

Just as every muscle in the body the brain behaves as one even if it is an organ. If you want to increase the effectiveness you just have to use your brain. Just like one of my Frat Brothers said it takes 7 days to create a habit. Which I took in to consideration and applied it to my life.




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