Survival of the Fittest

The world has a come a long way in development. As throughout history there were plenty of wars and empires as victim to eradicated from the planet. I contemplate on all of this and see that survival of the fittest really does occur. People just believe that survival of the fittest is just a jock thing, but to make this clear it is not just brute strength. Great intellect plays a role in the survival of most. In history the Europeans succeeded to conquer not with the force of brute strength, but with the intelligence of creating a weapon. Those who did not have that technology conquered and Africans were enslaved. With that being say I would like to refer to Peter Parkers uncles saying with great power comes great responsibility.”  There are many ways to see survival of the fittest not only strength, but intellect as well. As you can see in today’s society the big role is to get your education in order to get a good job. Some people just work at food trying to pay their bills to see how currency now plays a big role in survival of the fittest. So one must train the mind, body and Spirit in order to exceed life’s expectations.


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