Knowledge is Power!

Why do people say that they want to make money when they do not want to learn. Today’s society, a lot of people do not consider how much knowledge plays a role in making money. Evidence of the knowledge plays a big role on how to make money there is a book I read personally called “Poor Dad Rich Dad.” They explain the differences on how individuals in different classes and how rich and poor folks make decisions . How rich people pay their bills last and poor and middle class pay their bills first. As I ponder about why people think they can make money without finishing school and developing their brains to process and how to obtain their so-called desire is beyond me. Also do not get me, wrong rich people pay their bills last not just spend it on unnecessary items but spend money on ways they can build their assets. While I take this into consideration how can I make money then create an asset? I also ponder why this does not give my generation more motivation to stay in school and get an education.


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