Social Influence!

Today’s society expresses on what you think and what you do. Peoples morals are based on society.  If people think it is wrong to fight it becomes the nations morals. Pondering on how this effects us. Things may turn into the purge if most of society believes it is okay to pillage and kill.

The Hunger games is another example of this. The murder until one becomes victorious and be the celebrity of the district. In history, Hitler and his army believed in the perfect race and decide to commit a mass genocide. Hitlers ideals spread throughout his country and the majority found it acceptable.

History repeats itself so people must be aware and be indifferent and realize everything in society should not be taken lightly. A society is different in each country and so are morals and customs. There are also societies in school, and hanging around a crowd good or bad effects you psychologically.






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